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Athos with Blunderbuss

AthosCollapse )

Since I drew the others more then once I figure I drew Athos more then once and man alive it's been 3/4 years since I last drew him I felt bad that I left him out for so long but that's what happens when you're more of a gamer then a doodler, artist, etc.

I couldn't think of something better how I drew Athos so I drew him holding a blunderbuss saluting ^^'

Albert Valentines Day

Albert in a TuxedoCollapse )
A little something for this wonderful occasion may you have a wonderful time with the ones you care for :)


Hello everyone how are you all?

Just so I wanted to make this clear that this is the very first re-post in this comunnity the reason why this one is reposted, is because the link to the pervious Albert fanart was put down which is due to the fact that the person who drew the picture and myself are no longer friends (which was lead by her childish behaviour making her selfish, and toxic if she didn't get things her way)

With that in mind from this day on, if any posts with links gets put down for whatever reason, will be reposted which I might explain the reasons why they were put down but it depends on the situatuion, and will be updated with new different pictures weither they are rough sketches/doodles, comics, requests/commisions, or just simply for fun.

Now that we got this clear it's time to show you all a new Albert related picture made by my friend Shalone SK
Albert and Me :DCollapse )
I can't help but to smile when she first showed me the picture while we had a good time having a chat last night and I still love it thanks hun ;3

That's it for now have a good day/night :)


First Base Art

Hello everyone how are you all? I hope you had a wonderful Easter :3 I have made another picture and thought I should post it after the Easter Chicken picture but decided to post it later and here it is my first base picture! :D

Horse BaseCollapse )
I have been thinking of making a base for a while now and decided to make a horse one. I know that's not how horses look in real life but that's how they look in the show called Albert the 5th Musketeer I may do more bases in the future but in the meantime this will do for now.

Feel free to colour it in and edit a few things on the base like the mane, tail, eye expressions, mouth expressions, and add in a background if you wish but please leave in the credits and leave a comment with a link when finished so I can see how they look :3

That's it for now have a nice day/night


Easter Picture

Greeting everyone how are you all?

Happy Easter :DCollapse )
It's that time of year again where the flowers bloom, people spending time with their loved ones to celebrate this very day, and look this lovely hen has layed some eggs just in time to get them ready for the children to play egg hunt in the gardens :D

Since I never drew an Easter picture before in the past I figured "why not?, it'll be good to make an Easter picture for a change" and I'm very glad how this came out considering it's my first time drawing a chicken from the show "Albert the 5th Musketeer"

I did had some help from my awesome sister http://ryph.deviantart.com/ added the flowers, helped adding a few details on the eggs I coloured in, added a few patterns on the chicken (including eyelashes)

That's it for now I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the yummy chocolate treats yum yum X3


Some Fanarts At Last!

Hey everyone how've you been? I hope you all had a wonderful start of 2015 so far :)

Now without further adeiu I show you six new fanarts Woot!

Alithe/GrowlbertCollapse )
First off we have Albert as a Shiny Growlithe~ isn't he just so adorable? this is the second time I drew Albert as a Growlithe the first time I drew him he would have a mane like any other Growlithe only curly it was cute at first but then I decide to draw another one with a slight difference and I'm very happy how he came out even though I may have made his right ear a bit big. I may draw another one with a fully body later on and I may or may not add the fringe but we'll see how it goes.

In A TowelCollapse )
I've always wanted to draw Albert with that look on his face for practice and then for some reason I image him with that face as somehow a lady accedently walked in on him while wraped in a towel around the waist after he had a bath. I know this is random but it was stuck in my head and just wanted to draw it out before it'll bother me for a while plus I need to learn to add background to them sooner or later ^^'

Whoopsie FaceCollapse )
Another random face expression for practice without background at some point I thought about adding a lady kissed him on his cheek but I just go with the thought that he pulls that face whenever he is shy, whenever he makes a mistake that makes him pull this expression (like on episode 4 The King's Complex) or a lady has already kissed him on the cheek just to see his reaction.

Episode Title PicCollapse )
When I saw Cluny91 did her version of the episode title picture I decide to do my own and I'm very proud of how this picture came out I even added the background for the painting it's not perfect but it's the bast I can do the reason why the sky is green is cause the officail version has it so I went with that, I did had troubles with the tattoo marks for the corner at first but manage to pull it off at the end.

Dat Ass Meme (Without Sunglasses)Collapse )
Dat Ass Meme (With Sunglasses)Collapse )
I apolosize to those who can't stand memes especially this meme in particular but I just could not resist of wanting to draw that when I saw Albert with that face expression as I paused episode 10 "The Spy" I know that I said I show you six new fanarts but think of this one as fanart five and five point one (the sunglasses version is the five point one version)

Albert the Ponytaur! :DCollapse )
I saved this picture as a 'best for last' to upload just a random little idea of "if Albert were to become one or many of mythical creatures which one or more would he be and why?" in my head at first I picture him as a Dragon but sadly as much as I love Dragons I'm not very good at drawing them right now so I decide to draw him as a Centuar instead as you can see that this would be his reaction would be like if he had discovered that he had been turned into Mythical Creature for the first time. I had a hard time drawing the pony body considering my art skills with animals is still not great as well as drawing hands which I still hate doing that but I manage to pull though in the end.

That's it for now have a nice day/night :)


An Apology Post

Hello everyone how are you all?

It's been nearly 5 months since this group last had a new post about Albert especially the fanarts and I do apologize for the very slow activity on my part but I much prefer to do fanarts of Albert the 5th Musketeer in my own pace despite that I feel really bad for been so slow sometimes but I'm more of a gamer then a doodler to be honest but that doesn't mean that I'll stop doing fanarts altogether mind you just much rather to take my time in making fanarts of our brave Albert, the Musketeers, and all the other charatcers from the show. However I feel that I should start to post more stuff on here a little more often then just leave it for more then a month or so ^^'

That's it for now have a nice day/night :)

Love Talk

Hello everyone how are you all?

It's been a heck of a while since I last made an Albert picture and posting it up on the net but now here it is the newest picture I have finished

Albert and Aramis Love TalkCollapse )

it's a bit rough here and there but I'm happy how it came out plus it's my first time adding a blush in a fanart yay~!

The idea behind this picture is that what if Albert is in love with a beautiful fair lady?

I see that Albert as the shy type he would have hidden it well from anyone for a while and as time passes Aramis would be the first to figured it out as he noticed Albert seems to act a bit different lately whenever he took a break his inventions and other stuff Albert does on his free time from a mission.

One day Aramis went to Albert's workshop for a visit when he realized he wasn't in here he hears a slight humming sound from another room as Aramis got closer to the room he could clearly hear the humming through the slightly opened door as if it sounds like a person who has fallen in love.

When Aramis opened through the door he caught Albert by surprise when he saw Aramis's reflection when he was putting down the hair brush and just about to put his hat on and after that they would have a bit of a talk followed by the question "who is the lucky fair lady your heart has fallen for?" and as you can see Albert is very shy to say it at first but in the end he says the name of the fair lady he adores so much.

That's it for now and hope you enjoyed the picture :3


My First Wii U Art Academy

Hello everyone how are you all?

I just wanted to randomly put up my first little doodle I made with my Wii U Art Academy (up until now I didn't knew Miiverse has a website verison and couldn't help but to feel kinda stupid right now XD) so without further adieu here is this cute little picture :3

My First Wii U DoodleCollapse )
The idea why I doodle this is one of "what ifs" sort of thing like what if Albert was having a look at the Wii U for the first time and holding the game pad to have a closer look and as you can see he looks rather confused at the strange looking device in the game pad's point of view it's kinda rough I know but I think it's so cute X3

That's it for now I do have another Albert related picture ready for scanning but I will scan it as soon as I get time to finish up a birthday doodle first then I will ink it as well as the other picture I have finished

Have a nice day everyone =3


More Albert Fanart by Cluny91

Good evening everyone how are you all?

It's been a little while since the last fanart of Albert was posted here but now there are two new ones made by Cluny91 I would have posted them up yesterday but it was very late and didn't have time to put them up but now at last here they are


Here is Albert by himself looking so sly and ready for action


and here's Albert riding on a horse I do wish Cluny drew Albert's Mule more often though but oh well =/

That's it for now have a nice day/evening :3


First Crossover Fanart

Hey everyone! how are you all?

We have a nice treat today as I'm going to show you a crossover fanart Cluny91 made yesterday but didn't put it up here cause it was late and getting sleepy so here it is the first crossover fanart ever for this awesome community.


I must say that I love the fact that while the Angry Beavers are playing Musketeers Albert is all cool and doesn't look very amused with their childish games he looks so adorable like that his skin is a little tan in the picture but I still love it :3

That's it for now and have a nice day :D


New Fanart By Vixon

Good evening everyone how are you all?

It's been a while since this fan group has been updated but finally after quite some time of not making some and lack of updates on this community now's the time to show you 3 new fanarts I made for practice and for fun

O rly? AlbertCollapse )
This one I'm quite happy with of how cute he looks after have him coloured in. This expression is based of one of the episodes of a french cartoon dubbed in english I saw as a kid a few times called "once upon a time ... life"

Angry D'ArtagnanCollapse )
This is based from the cartoon called "once upon a time ... life" once again I thought this is perfect for D'Artagnan seeing how he loses his temper quite easy the reason he's not wearing his hat is cause one of the Cardinal's Guards stole it from his head teasing him and pissing him off and so far they are succeeding =/

Confused PorthosCollapse )
Again this is based on the cartoon "once upon a time ... life" I can totally see Porthos looking so confused when he saw something that doesn't seem right to him but not sure what it is. I kinda messed up with the the symbol a bit but I am a bit rusty due to lack of ideas and lack of doodling lately but hopefully more doodling will be here sooner or later.

That's it for now I hope you all enjoy the picture ^^ 


More Fanart Mix

Hey everyone

Cluny91 has put up another fanart mix and here it is


I must say that I like some of the parts of the fanart like the beady eyed characters, the sad puppy dog eyed Albert, confused captain, and the cross armed D'Artagnan.
The part where D'Artagnan dresses like a woman trying to kiss Albert creeps me out a bit (don't blame Albert for been scared too ^^') but however I do not approve the part where Albert is smoking while wearing sunglasses ¬¬' I just fail to see him as the smoking type of guy I see him more of a keep healthy type.

There are two more but they are close up version of the bottom part of the picture with the character line up, and the smoking Albert (still do not approve of this)

that's it for now


Fanart Mix

Hello everyone how are you all?

It's been a while since some fanart links have been put up on here but now Cluny91 is back with a nice mix art :3


I can't really think of anything to say about it other then that it is a really nice picture of Albert, Trevillie, and other characters including an OC of hers in one :3

That's all for now have a nice day/evening everyone ^^


Royal Rumpus Scene Art

Good evening everyone how are you all? I'm feeling mostly better now and I'm slowly working on some fanarts as we speak but will take time to get them done.

Speaking of fanarts it's time to put up some more made by the busy lady Cluny91


This is one of the scene from her story "The Royal Rumpus" a lady named Justin (should have put the letter e at the end but oh well close enough) is begging Antoine (the name of the Cardinal's Guard Cluny named) to rescue Albert from the Bastille but Antoine refused to help as he reminded her that Albert is his enemy.

That's all for now :)


More Albert Fanart

Hello everyone how are you all? I am recovering well but still a little under the weather but it'll end soon and then I'll feel fresh as rain

And now time to put up some links of some more fanarts made by Cluny91


The style of clothing that Albert is wearing now does look rather odd to me and when I see those shades the meme "deal with it!" pop into my head but I can see Albert trying out bubble gum for the first time figuring why people like it so much though.


The way she drew his eyes and the fact he's wearing the same clothing as the first link got me think he almost look like someone else even though she get the hair, the head shape, the nose, and the mole on his cheek pretty good.


This made me feel a little sad on the inside but at least it doesn't made me sad as much as he one of her previous pictures that aches my heart every time I see it.


I just like how he looks so carefree and gives a viewer a nice friendly wink :3


Seeing this picture makes me sometimes think that if he were to play an instrument in he cartoon which would he play best? if he can play the Guitar best then that's suiting it looks good only she drew his arm too long like Stretch Armstrong there ^^'

That's it for now :3


Pillow Fight!

Good evening everyone how are you all? I'm feeling a little under the weather recently but I will be alright soon.

While I'm in recovery here's a new fanart made by Cluny91

I must say that this is adorable especially Albert even though I don't think he's the type of person to throw a pillow at the Duke's face on purpose as people always say "it's all fun and games till someone get's hurt"

As of lately I haven't upload any new fanarts of my own however I am doodling some practice pictures and once I get them done, scanned and then coloured in I'll be able to upload them and then share the links here ^^

That's it for now.


More Cardinal's Guard Fanart

Good afternoon everyone how are you all?

Cluny91 has made some more fanarts of the Cardinal's Guard one in particular which is her favorite Guard out of the rest


Aramis is also in this picture but mostly the Guard she likes which she named him Antoine she uploaded two more pics of him but they are the close up version of him holding a sword and a close up of him folding his arms saying "no" so there's no need for me to put those links up.

That's all for now :3


Cook Albert Picture

Hello everyone how are you all?

I am very happy to show you all a new fanart made by Cluny91 :3


I must say it brightens my day completely after a really boring day today plus this suits Albert to a T I'm telling you that right now X3

that's it for now :D


New Cardinal's Guards Fanarts

Good evening everyone how are you?

Cluny91 has made a new fanart and it's the first time she has drew a Cardinal's Guard


I'm sure you may remember that the Cardinal's Guards have no name mention in the show what so ever well now we have Cluny picked out the name since I did say that anyone may name them if they wish and so far this one is named Antoine not a bad name for him I look forward what other names the rest of the Guards have even if Cluny doesn't name them all.


And here is more of the Guards in the next picture even though sweet little Albert is in there and not to mention the accidental paper bleed on it whoops ^^;

That's all for now.